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Lamb kebabs with couscous and mint-yoghurt sauce recipe

Photo: Lamb kebabs with couscous and mint-yoghurt sauce recipe

The home of Tasty Food Recipes invites you to try Lamb kebabs with couscous and mint-yoghurt sauce recipe. Enjoy my collection of delicious food recipes and learn how to make Lamb kebabs with couscous and mint-yoghurt sauce.

Equipment: You'll need 12 wooden skewers soaked in water for one hour.

Ingredients (serves 6)

8 (about 800g) lamb fillets, trimmed, cut into 2cm pieces

80ml (1/3 cup) lemon juice
3 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tsp dried mint leaves
60ml (1/4 cup) olive oil
250g thick Greek yoghurt
5 tbs chopped fresh mint
2 cups couscous
400ml stock or water
40g butter
2 tsp ras el-hanout* (a blend of powdered spices)
1 tbs cumin seeds
1 tbs sesame seeds
1 tbs sea salt
Mint leaves, torn, to serve


1. Place the lamb fillets, lemon juice, two-thirds of the garlic, dried mint and two tablespoons of the oil in a bowl. Cover and set aside to marinate overnight.

2. Place the yoghurt, remaining garlic and two tablespoons of fresh mint in a bowl. Set aside.

3. Place the couscous and remaining olive oil in a bowl. Bring the stock or water to the boil, then pour over the couscous. Add the butter, cover and set aside for 10 minutes. Stir with a fork to separate the grains, then stir through the ras el hanout and remaining fresh mint. Set aside.
4. Thread the lamb onto skewers, discarding the marinade. Preheat a barbecue or chargrill to high.
5. Add the lamb skewers and cook for three minutes each side. Set aside for five minutes to rest.
6. Place the cumin and sesame seeds in a frying pan over medium heat and dry-fry until light golden and fragrant. Combine with the sea salt.
7. Serve the lamb kebabs with the couscous. Drizzle with the yoghurt, and scatter over the mint leaves and seasoned salt.


Begin this recipe the day before.

* Available from Middle Eastern stores and spice stores.


delicious. - January 2003, Page 228
Recipe by Valli Little

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